What is the deposit and how do I secure my seat?

What is the deposit?

The deposit is a non-refundable fee to reserve your seat in the intake you have been admitted to. The deposit can be completed in your Admissions Portal, after you have received your admission decision via email. 


When do I complete my deposit payment?

Once you have been admitted to your campus and intake, you can complete your deposit payment through the Admissions Portal. In the portal, you can find all information on timelines by which you will need to make your deposit payment to be guaranteed a seat in that intake. If you cannot meet this deadline and need an extension, you can reach out to the Admissions team by submitting a support ticket. If you miss the final deadline, you can defer your admission to the next intake and secure your seat.


What is the Early Bird Reward? 

ALU offers a ‘Early Bird Reward’ in the form of a discount for admitted students that complete their deposit payment early. You can find more information on this discount on your Admissions Portal. 

Important: please note that should you fail to meet the deadline indicated in your portal, ALU will no longer be able to guarantee a place in the intake to which you applied. It is therefore vital that you contact the admissions team if you are unable to reserve your place by the indicated date. 

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