Can I defer my admission to an upcoming intake?


In case you have been admitted to an intake that you cannot attend, you are allowed to request a deferral to the next intake. You are allowed to defer up to two intakes. For example:

If you have been admitted to the January intake but cannot enroll, you are allowed to defer to the May or September intake.


Where can I request a deferral?

To request a deferral, please go to your Admissions Portal and visit the 'Admission offer' page. Here you can select whether you want to Accept, Defer, or Decline your admission decision. When you choose to Defer the admissions offer, the portal will give you options for the intakes which you can be able to defer to. After submission, your deferral request will be reviewed, and the decision will be confirmed by the Admissions team. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for this confirmation.



Do I need to pay my tuition before or after my deferral?

You can pay your tuition before you defer or after your deferral has been approved. Please keep an eye on the final tuition deadline for your preferred intake which you are deferring to.


Is my grant deferrable?

If you have been offered a grant as part of your financial aid, your grant is deferrable and will still apply.


Is My Scholarship deferrable?

If you have been offered a scholarship as part of your financial aid, your scholarship  is deferrable upon approval by both the Financial Aid Office and the Admissions Office.

Please ensure that you send an email to the Financial Aid Office informing them of the reason for your deferral request. Once they approve your request, you will then be informed of the next steps to confirm deferral.

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