What is it like to study at ALU?

With ALU transitioning to the hubs pedagogy, experiential learning has been made the center point by adopting the 70-20-10 system where 70% of our student’s learning is done by getting hands-on experience in their chosen field of study, interviewing with experts in their field, attending conferences, doing internships, working on projects tied to their missions, etc. In order to make this experience worthwhile for our students, we want them to see the world as their campus. This means that they are not limited to their campus space but they get to move around from Timbuktu to Madagascar, and wherever they can effectively focus on their mission/project while building and strengthening their network with students and employers. 

We have the  Student Venture Program at ALU. This encourages entrepreneurial and innovative culture among our students through provision of funds to our students’ projects. ALU helps you build your mission from the ground.

Aside from that, as an ALU student, you are part of a healthy community which cares about your academic, physical and mental well being. To actuate these promises to our students, our ALU campuses have a department called student life. These organize fun activities for students and have peer counsellors, academic mentors, residential advisors , health interns and even professional therapists. This ensures that all the personal needs of the students are cared for. 

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