What is the Admissions Portal?

The Admissions Portal is where your enrollment journey begins. After receiving an Admissions Offer, you will receive an invitation to the Admissions Portal.

It is made up of the following sections:

About you: You are to fill out details of your vaccination status, personal verification details (ID, Passport, etc), a health questionnaire (allergies, or health conditions like diabetes), and the diversity form.


Your Admission: It lays out the conditions of your admission. If you have received a Preliminary Offer or a Conditional Admission, this is where you will upload the required documents for review and view updates on your admission.


Tuition: If you are a full or partially fee-paying student, you will be able to access the fee structure and the methods of payment. You will also be able to upload bank slips and see fee payment confirmation.


Campus Life: This is where students will express their accommodation and meal plan preferences.  The student will be able to opt into the school meal plan and housing and state their roommate predilections.

This will also include the affiliated fees  based on your chosen preferences


Immigration:  This will contain all information regarding the acquisition of a student permit to Rwanda

On this portal, you will also be advised of when and how to make travel arrangements. After all these sections are completed, all documents required for enrollment will be availed.

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