Will I get any academic support while at ALU?

Absolutely! Find below a non-exhaustive list of resources you will have access to while at ALU


Learning Efficacy Advancement Programme (LEAP)

Learning Efficacy Advancement Programme is a student-led academic peer mentorship programme that is coordinated by the Learning Support Associate at the African Leadership University Campuses. 

LEAP is set up with the sole aim of providing academic advancement to all students irrespective of their academic progress. Student at ALU should not feel alone as they negotiate and develop pathways for their academic leadership journey, but should learn and share with each other as they embrace the myriad opportunities provided by student support systems such as LEAP, Language Support Programme (LSP), Student Life and Career Development.


Objectives of LEAP towards students include:

  • Develop and strengthen student’s responsibility towards their academic performance.
  • To train and equip students with the necessary skills to become independent, life long learners  and be accountable for their academic progress
  • Promote the use of differentiated instruction methodologies that fit students’ different learning styles, all while scaffolding the students’ learning and differentiating the curriculum where necessary
  • Encourage and develop positive self-esteem and positive attitudes toward learning.


Besides academic discussions, peer mentors can also work with mentees in developing the following soft-skills.

  • Time Management
  • Decision Making
  • Powerpoint design and presentation
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting 
  • Planning and Execution
  • Study habits and Skills


Writing Center

The writing Center strives to enhance students' writing skills by tapping into their needs and passion for writing by promoting a safe and learning space where students come together to encourage each other's writing skills. The center helps student view writing as more than just a part of their academics to succeed but, more importantly, as a way to connect themselves with others and impact their environment, therefore, developing and maintaining ideal writing habits. 

The center also has trained mentors will young writers engage you in refining your texts by supporting you to critique your written text based on the target objectives.  


The objective of the writing Center towards students

  • Developing and enhancing students' writing skills, thus tapping into their academic performance and writing in general.
  • Encouraging students' self-esteem and devotedness towards writing.
  • Promote a safe environment for students to come together to discuss, learn and develop their writing skills and styles.


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