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While plans were far underway for the commencement of ALU’s new strategy for the January 2022 cohort, we were made aware that the conversation on accreditation will take longer than we had anticipated. This meant that we cannot enroll students for 2022 in Mauritius. We are continuing to enroll students in Rwanda for 2022. In order to manage the situation and maintain trust between our new students and their families, we have compiled these likely questions /concerns that will need to be addressed.



Is there a Mauritius campus open for 2022 enrollments?

Answer: At this point, the Mauritius campus is not open for 2022 enrollment. It should be open for enrollment hopefully in 2023 and we will have this information available to students as soon as we can.


For students who deferred to Mauritius for May, what should they do?

Answer: We encourage students to enroll at our Rwanda campus if they wish to start at ALU in 2022. If they can wait till 2023 we will ask them to submit a request to defer their admission but please note that they can only defer until January 2023 at which point they need to enroll in Rwanda.


When will you open the Mauritius Campus?

Answer: Our campus is open to our current students. We have some year 2 & 3’s on our campus now. Our campus is not open to new students on our new model until we finalize the accreditation process. Once that has occurred, we will admit students to our Mauritius Campus.


Is it possible to change campuses from Rwanda to Mauritius when Mauritius opens in 2023?

Answer: It’s not possible to switch campuses because admission requirements differ on both campuses. While Rwanda campus accepts 2 A-levels with an average grade of C, Mauritius campus accepts 3 A-levels with a grade C average. Our students collaborate and organize cross-campus activities as such our students experience a diverse student community regardless of their campus.

How should I feel about this?

Answer: There is absolutely no cause for alarm here. This new model is a step in the best direction as far as reimagining education in the 21st century goes. We need all external stakeholders to be aligned for effective delivery and that is what we are doing now. The timelines have not worked in our favor thus, the need to focus on the Rwanda campus for all 2022 admissions.


Will my child graduate with the UK accredited degree like their sibling did 2 years ago?

Answer: Once we open enrollment for the Mauritius campus we will provide the accreditation information fully.

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