Who is eligible for financial aid?

Our financial aid program is 100% need-based, meaning that all aid eligibility is determined by your family’s financial circumstances and/or ability. 

The financial aid application process involves you providing information about your family’s financial circumstances. We then use a standard method to assess your demonstrated financial need and determine your eligibility to apply for the ALU financial aid offerings. 

It is vital that all information you submit during your application is complete, accurate, and honest to the best of your knowledge in order for us to make timely and fair financial aid decisions. This is even more necessary as you will be required to submit supporting documentation to verify the information provided.

Note that if the information provided is believed to be false or misleading, then the Financial Aid Office reserves the right to reject your application with no further reference to you and you’ll be disqualified for any other kind of financial aid.

Immediately after submission of your family’s financial information, you will be informed whether you are eligible to apply for any of our financial aid offerings or not. If you are eligible for financial aid, you will be informed of the type of aid that you are eligible for and how to proceed with the application process. 

Unfortunately, not every student will be eligible to apply for our grants and scholarships and likewise, not every student who applies for financial aid will receive it. However, we encourage you to explore external funding, scholarships, and sponsorship opportunities if your application is unsuccessful.

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