What happens to my financial aid application once I submit it?

Once you submit your financial aid along with your admission application, your application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office. We ensure that all applications go through a rigorous review process that ensures that all applicants get a fair chance of consideration.

Depending on the financial aid offering you applied for, the following are the decisions to expect regarding your financial aid application.



If an application is approved, the student is informed that they have been offered either a scholarship or a grant equal to a certain amount. 

  • Grant recipients will be required to accept the offer and pay their tuition instalment in order to accept the grant offering. 
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to sign the scholarship contract offered to them before the specified deadline.


This means that your application shows potential but because we have reached the maximum number of aid offerings to be awarded, we have put you on the waitlist. 



For grant applicants, this means that based on the information you provided us, your application does not qualify for financial aid. For scholarship applicants, this means your scholarship application was unsuccessful. Our scholarship applications are competitive and unfortunately, we only have limited slots at any given time. Should you not be selected for a scholarship, we may however instead opt to offer you one of the available Grants.

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