What about notarization?

What is notarization and why notarize?

To notarize a document means to obtain an official confirmation that the presented copy of the original document is valid. You need to notarize all your equivalence application documents except your passport/identity document. The National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA) of Rwanda does not require your original documents; thus, the need to have notarized copies of your originals.

Who can and where to notarize your documents?

NESA requires that all students applying for the equivalence certificate notarize their documents locally in Rwanda. Therefore, any certified notary in Rwanda is eligible to notarize your documents.

I am currently not in Rwanda and will not be anytime before joining ALU. What should I do?

Please upload your notarized documents (notarized in your country for us to confirm the originality of your documents) in your Post Application Portal. We will return them to you, locally notarized, via your Post Application Portal as well, so you can proceed with your equivalence application.

Note: Any certified notary from your country is eligible to notarize your documents for this purpose. Please reach out to your school/Ministry of Education or the notary board in your country for reference of where you can find the notary in your country.

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