Guidelines for a successful and efficient application process.

  • All documents required to apply for the equivalence certificate, except passport or identity card, must be notarized.
  • You must apply for your equivalence certificate using the Advanced Level official secondary education certificate. You are allowed to apply using online/statement of results only if the examination board in your country of study has not issued your official secondary education certificate. The National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA) of Rwanda Will cross-check to confirm if your certificate has not been issued indeed.
  • You must apply with all your names as exactly recorded on your Advanced Level secondary school certificate, NOT Passport or ID. 
  • On your equivalence application form, under the “Level of Qualification”, you must choose “Advanced Level” as this is the equivalence level you are intending to acquire. 


  1. If you choose any level other than “Advanced Level”, your application will be rejected and you will need to re-apply.
  2. Only after choosing the “Level of Qualification” you are applying for, will you see a place to upload relevant documents.
  • On your equivalence application form, under “Country”, please enter the name of the country where you completed your Advanced Level secondary education NOT your nationality, if they are not the same. 
  • On your equivalence application form, under “Year of Issuance”, please enter the year in which the education board in the country of study issued your Advanced Level secondary education certificate.
  • Under “School of Issuance”, please enter the name of the school at which you completed and sat for your Advanced Level national exam. 
  • International applicants must use passports when applying for equivalence (not national/local identity cards).
  • If you are required to submit a verification letter to confirm that you have completed the national examination, please, request it from the examination board that issued your Advanced Level secondary school certificate (such as UNEB for Uganda, KNEC for Kenya, or any other applicable).
  • Prospective students with West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) certificate can purchase a PIN Code/Result checker pin (it costs about 2 USD). The following link contains detailed information on where to purchase the result checker pin:
  1. Nigeria: /
  2. Ghana:
  3. Sierra Leone:
  4. Gambia:
  • The payment deadline, as indicated in the equivalence certificate application confirmation email, must be met. Otherwise, you will need to submit a new application.
  • If you are a scholarship student and are struggling to make the equivalence application payments, please, reach out to Financial Aid for payment support by filling this google form. Then, email a written request to <> with the subject “Request for Equivalence Certificate Payment Support”. The Financial Aid Office will then proceed with payments and inform you when finalized. Note: All academic documents that you upload in the above form must be notarized in your country.
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