What does the overall application journey look like?

Our new application process is designed to be holistic. Hence, we would like to get a sense of not only your academic potential, but also of your fit for ALU and leadership potential. Based on this, the new application is divided into 4 stages. 


However, before starting the application itself, you need to register yourself as an applicant through this link:  https://www.alueducation.com/apply-now/. Registration involves providing us with basic information about who you are. 


  • Stage 1 - ALU Experience Course: This course is designed to give you a sense of ALU, what our mission is, and help you discover how your mission ties into ours. This course will take 7-10 hours to complete, and our expectation is that you can complete it in no more than a week. The link to access this course will be provided via email as soon as you complete the above mentioned registration.
  • Stage 2 - ALU Fit Questionnaire: On completion of the ALU Experience Course, you will be required to complete a series of online challenges in order to determine your fit for ALU. The questions are a mixture of aptitude tests and English tests, which will take about 80 minutes to complete.
  • Stage 3 - More About You: On successful completion of the ALU Fit Questionnaire, you will receive an email which invites you to provide additional information to support your ALU application. In this stage, you will mostly be providing academic and identification documentation as well as more information about your academic history.
  • Stage 4 - Finances: This final stage will help you to understand the financial contribution you will need to make in order to support your ALU studies. Additionally, you will find out if you qualify to apply for ALU financial aid.


Once these stages are successfully completed and submitted, the admissions team will review your submission and reach out with the final admission decision after the review is complete.

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