What are the minimum eligibility requirements to study at ALU?

Any prospective student must meet ALU's general entry requirements and the program specific requirements.


General Requirements

  • Completion of a final national secondary school exam and graduated from secondary school with a certificate of secondary education on an A-level or equivalent
  • Sat and passed 3 or more A-level subjects or equivalent (see course-specific requirements for further details)
  • B2 or IELTS 6.0 or better English language proficiency

Programme specific requirements

  • You must pass 3 or more A-level subjects or equivalent, in which one or more of the considered subjects is from this list of core subjects, or combinations that include these subjects.
  • You must attain a C average or better on the 3 courses selected. The average is derived from at least one ‘core’ course and the best two other grades from A-level (Principal) subjects.

BSc Entrepreneurial Leadership

BSc Software Engineering

A level Math or related subjects

A level Math or related subjects

Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Sociology, Economics, or Geography.

Computer Science subjects, such as Computer Engineering, Computer Forensics, Computer Networking, Computer Programming, Cyber Security, Database Administration, Information Security, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Web Development, Algorithms, and Data Structures


Physical Science subjects, such as Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

English, Literature or related subjects


If you provide results from subjects closely related to the ‘core’ subjects above, this will be reviewed by an Admissions Committee before acceptance.


For the Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) program, please find the program specific requirements here.


The Equivalence certificate is a requirement for incoming students that presents the Rwandan equivalent of grades obtained in an international exam. It also proves that the equated qualification meets the standards of the Rwanda education system. You should apply for an Equivalence Certificate if you:

  • Have studied in a country outside of Rwanda;
  • If you studied in Rwanda but did not complete your national exam in the REB system (e.g. Cambridge examinations, American Montessori system).

A C average on your Equivalence certificate is a requirement to receive a full offer of admission at ALU Rwanda. 

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