What are the different admission decisions and what do they mean?


Admitted students receive a firm offer of admission to ALU and do not need to submit any supplementary documentation or fulfill any additional requirements. They would have submitted their final Senior Secondary/National Exam Certificates and an Equivalency certificate for ALU Rwanda.


Conditionally Admitted

Conditionally Admitted students receive an offer of admission to ALU that is contingent on fulfilling some additional requirements. Conditionally Admitted students will only receive a firm offer of admission upon the fulfillment of all outstanding requirements. The following are the conditions of Admission for ALU Rwanda:

  • Submission of final Senior Secondary/National Exam Certificate or Notarized statement of results.
  • Submission of an Equivalency certificate. 
  • Submission of additional proof of English proficiency



Applicants that show potential but fall just below the threshold to be extended an offer at the time of their application decision may be offered a spot on our Waitlist. Waitlisted candidates will typically be considered along with applicants from subsequent application rounds. Hence, Waitlisted applicants may be offered a final decision at any point during the application cycle.



Rejected applicants do not qualify for admission to ALU and may not reapply for the same intake.

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