What are the different admission decision and what do they mean?


Admitted students receive a firm offer of admission to ALU and do not need to submit any supplementary documentation. They have submitted their Final Senior Secondary Exam/National Exam transcript, and do NOT require to undertake a bridging program (BP) or submit equivalences required by the REB in Rwanda.

Conditionally Admitted

Conditionally Admitted students receive an offer of admission to ALU contingent on supplementary documentation, and/or BP completion. Conditionally Admitted prospective students will only receive a firm offer of admission upon the presentation of requested documentation, proof of merit, and/or proof of BP and/or REB completion


Waitlisted prospective students show potential, but fall just below the threshold to be extended an offer at the time of their application decision. As a result, waitlisted candidates will be reviewed with applicants from the following application rounds. Waitlisted prospective students may be offered a final decision at any point during the application cycle.

Preliminary Offers

Prospective students that apply to ALU without having taken their Final Senior Secondary Exam/National Exam will be assessed on term grades, and can receive a preliminary offer. Prospective students will then be required to submit their Final Senior Secondary Exam/National Exam, before the Admissions Committee can consider their application for either a conditional admissions or a firm offer.


Rejected prospective students do not qualify for admission to ALU. Rejected prospective students may not reapply for the same intake.

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