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Note: This payment does not apply to scholarship recipients. 

  • What is a place reservation payment?

Should you be admitted to ALU, you will be asked to reserve your seat in the program by paying a non-refundable place reservation fee of $1000 for ALC in Mauritius or $500 for ALU Rwanda. It is important that you do not let this deadline pass, as it indicates to us that you will be joining us for the intake to which you were admitted.

Each intake, as mentioned before, more students apply to ALU than seats are available in class. Hence, reserving your place in the program is a vital step in your enrolment process. On the contrary, not reserving your place is signalling to us that you might not want to take advantage of your admission to ALU.

  • Who is required to pay the place reservation payment?

All admitted students except for scholarship recipients are expected to make the place reservation payment.

  • How much is the place reservation payment?

Students admitted to and attending the ALU Rwanda campus: $500 USD 

Students admitted to and attending the ALC Mauritius campus: $1000 USD


  • What is the deadline for place reservation payments? 
Round Application Deadline Admissions Decisions Place Reservation Deadline
1 October 5th 2020 November 2nd 2020 November 30th 2020
2 November 2nd 2020 December 7th 2020 January 11th 2021
3 December 7th 2020 January 18th 2021 February 15th 2021
4 January 18th 2021 February 22nd 2021 March 22nd 2021
5* March 1st 2021 April 5th 2021 May 3rd 2021
6 April 5th 2021 May 10th 2021 June 7th 2021
7 May 10th 2021 June 14th 2021 July 12th 2021


  • What happens to the students who miss the payment and reservation deadline?

Due to a variety of reasons, we recognize that you might not be able to reserve your place by the date indicated for the round to which you were admitted. Should this happen, please reach out immediately to the Admissions Team to see what can be done. However, extensions to place reservations are rarely given.

As such, should you not be able to reserve your place on time, ALU will no longer be able to guarantee a seat in the intake to which you applied. While your offer of admission will not be rescinded , and you will only be able to reserve your place after the deadline, if places are still available. As such, please always reach out to the admissions team before reserving your place after your place reservation deadline has passed.


  • Where do I make my place reservation payment?

Place reservation payments will be made on the Admitted Student Portal. All further instructions can be found on this page.


  • What mode of payment will students and their families use to pay for the place reservation?

There are two methods of payment on the Admitted Student Portal: 1) ALU Pay and 2) EFT Bank Transfers. We encourage students and families to pay via ALU Pay due to the very minimal bank fees and immediacy of payment compared to ETF Bank Transfer.


  • Will students be allowed to make full payments whether for the first term or for the whole year?

Yes. For the families that are willing to pay for the whole term or for the whole year, they can proceed to make the full payment on the portal.

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