Top FAQs on the visa process for ALC Mauritius (includes updated responses to COVID-19)

Note that the visa process has kicked off again, you are advised to submit your documents on the portal by the 21st September and once your documents is approved by the Student Permit team you will have to send the documents by post. Note that as it takes 2 weeks for your documents to reach our campus we would require students to send their physical documents to us by 31st September so that you can receive you entry permit on time and travel to the campus in January. *You have to submit only a scanned copy of your passport not the original copy. 

We've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the process to obtain your Entry Permit and student visa to study at ALC Mauritius. Please keep in mind, this process is only relevant to students attending ALC Mauritius. 

Please see How-To: Apply for your visa (ALC Mauritius only) for information on how to apply for your Mauritius visa.

This list of FAQs is frequently updated to include our most recent responses to COVID-19.  We are actively monitoring and evaluating the situation globally and will communicate all updates here.


My application has been filed with PIO. When can I expect to obtain my Entry Permit? 

The Mauritius Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) will process visa applications in approximately 4 weeks as from the date of application submission to their office. ALC is actively following up on your application and will inform you as soon as we receive a response from the PIO. 


Whose bank statement should be submitted with the visa application?

Whoever will be sponsoring your education, i.e. your parent, guardian, or sponsor. If you are a scholarship recipient, you do not have to provide a bank statement.


Do I need to submit the sponsor letter as part of my visa application?

All students except scholarship recipients must have their sponsor fill out and upload the sponsor letter as part of their visa application. This includes Presidential Grant recipients. For scholarship recipients, ALC will upload a sponsor letter on your behalf to your visa pack.


Can I travel to Mauritius prior to obtaining my Entry Permit?

 The Mauritius Passport and Immigration (PIO) office advises prospective students to wait until their Entry Permit has been approved to travel. Therefore, you should travel to Mauritius only after receiving your Entry Permit. Otherwise, we will not be able to guarantee your ability to enter and remain in the country.


I am from a SADC/Visa-waiver country. Can I travel to Mauritius on a tourist visa and apply for a student visa once I arrive? 

No, if you enter Mauritius on a tourist visa, you will not be granted an Entry Permit and will be required to depart the country. Kindly also note that ALC cannot matriculate students without an Entry Permit. Non-Mauritius citizens holding a tourist visa are not allowed to pursue tertiary studies on that visa.


Can ALC provide an exact date for when I will obtain my Entry Permit? I need this information to book/change flights.

The Mauritius Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) will process visa applications in approximately 4 weeks from the date they receive your application. Processing time will vary based on when we receive your visa documents by mail and the individual circumstances of each case. ALC is actively following up on your application and will inform you as soon as we receive a response from the PIO.

You should only confirm flights upon receipt of your Entry Permit.


Can I use my National Identity Card (NIC) instead of passport details on my visa application form?

No. Your NIC is not a valid travel document and you should only use your international passport for the purposes of the Entry Permit application.


My passport isn't valid for the duration of my studies. Can I still use it to apply for a visa or should I obtain a new one?

You are highly encouraged to obtain a new passport valid for the duration of your studies. If your passport will expire one year prior to your program end date, you may still use your current passport for an Entry Permit application. However, your Student Permit will expire at the expiry of your passport. You will only obtain an extended permit once you renew your passport.


Due to COVID-19, I cannot currently obtain a Medical Report. Can the Immigration Authorities in Mauritius waive this document?

Unfortunately, we cannot waive this document. You are required to provide a recent Medical Report for your Entry Permit application to be accepted by the Passport and Immigration Office. ALC will not be able to approve your Entry Permit application if your Medical Report is missing. 


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