When can I apply for financial aid?

Every student will have two windows of opportunity to apply for financial aid.

But regardless of the stage at which you make the application, applications will only be reviewed by the Financial aid office once a student receives an offer of admission from the ALU Admissions office.

Here’s a breakdown of the two windows of opportunity to apply for financial aid:

Before receiving your admissions decision

After submitting your application for admission to ALU, the Admissions office will inform you of the course and campus you are eligible for. You will receive an email informing you that should you choose to, you can submit an application for financial aid as you wait for your final admissions decision. The email will provide the instructions on how to proceed with the application process. Please note that in this case, your financial aid application will only be reviewed after you receive an offer of admission from the Admissions office.

After receiving your admissions offer

You may also apply for financial aid once you receive an offer of admission at ALU. If you prefer this option, you will gain access to the financial aid application on your admitted students’ portal that’s provided for all admitted students.

Remember, the first step of the financial aid application process is determining your financial aid eligibility. If you are determined to be financial aid eligible, you may then proceed to apply for the financial aid offering that you are eligible for.

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