I made a mistake with my household earnings on the 'Affordability' page. Can I change that?

We encourage you to be as accurate as possible in estimating your monthly household earnings when you click submit.

Please be aware, it is vital that all information you submit is complete, accurate, and honest to the best of your knowledge in order for us to make timely, fair financial aid decisions.

You will still be able to edit your household earnings on the 'Affordability' page until you make your final campus selection. We do not encourage changing your monthly household earnings multiple times. 

If you wish to change your monthly household earnings estimate after making your campus selection, we ask you to head to our Help Desk and click "Submit A Request" at the top right-hand corner. We review all requests to change household earnings very carefully, this may affect your eligibility to receive aid.

As a reminder, monthly household earnings is the total amount of money earned by every member/earner of a single household in a month.

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