What financial aid do you have?

We offer a need-based financial aid program, which takes all measures to reduce the barriers between prospective students and their post-secondary education. 

We intend to make an ALU education affordable for students according to their unique demonstrated financial need. Our aid program is funded by ALU and external partners.

We have two types of financial aid:

  1. ALU Presidential Grant
  2. Scholarships


1. The ALU Presidential Grant is a need-based grant awarded to students on the basis of demonstrated financial need, not merit. This grant applies to tuition fees only and is applied as a fee waiver to a student’s invoice. These grants hold for the duration of studies agreed upon by the student and the university.

Please see How does the ALU Presidential Grant work? for more details.


2. This year, ALU is introducing several Scholarships aimed toward highly qualified, high-impact ALU Rwanda and ALC Mauritius students from lower-income backgrounds. Students can apply for these scholarships only after applying for the ALU Presidential Grant. 


These scholarships will cover Tuition, Housing, Health Insurance, Meals and 1 Annual Round-trip Ticket from home country to ALU. Full details of the scholarship award will be sent out to successful applicants with their offer letter. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of exceptional drive, demonstrated impact, leadership potential, and demonstrated financial need.

Please see How do scholarships work? for more details.

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