What do I need to do to apply for a Visa/Entry Permit/Study Permit?

Once you are admitted, you will receive access to the Admitted Student Portal where you will be able to apply for a visa or entry permit (if necessary).

The visa and entry permit process is different for each campus —

For students attends ALC Mauritius: 

  • We will apply for your entry permit and student visa on your behalf once you provide us with all required documentation on your portal.
  • Please see this article for the step-by-step process - How-To: Apply for your visa (ALC Mauritius only)

For students attending ALU Rwanda:

  • You will obtain your visa upon arrival to enter the country of Rwanda. Once you are on the ground and have successfully completed matriculation and applied for equivalence, we will then help you apply for your student visa using the required documents you bring with you.

  • Please see this article for the step-by-step process - How do I obtain a visa for ALU Rwanda?

For an overview of all Visa/Immigration information, please see General Visa/Study Permit Information.  

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