How/where do I upload additional documents on the admitted student portal?

Are you wondering how and where to upload your national transcript or any other documents?

Please watch this video for a quick step-by-step on how to upload additional documents!

You must click "Submit" for each individual submitted document as well as "Submit and Review" for all documents once you have uploaded all required documents.

Please remember, if you are asked to submit the original certificate of results for your Final Senior Secondary / National Examinations, that means you are required to upload your stamped and signed official certificate for your national examination results (please see this sample for WAEC students) so that we can review your results and give you a firm offer of admission. 

We will not accept a statement of results (please see this sample for WAEC students), results slips, or provisional results.

As a reminder, if you have additional documents like a National Transcript or document proving English proficiency, you can upload them by clicking on this icon:


Select "Academic Results", you will then be redirected on another page where you can upload the documents.



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