What is an Equivalence Certificate? (ALU Rwanda only)

All students attending ALU Rwanda must prove that their secondary education meets the standards of the Rwanda Education Board (REB). If your exam was administered by the REB or Workforce Development Authority (WDA), you are exempt from this process.

What does this mean?

As a student, you need to demonstrate that your current qualifications (local or international) meet the standards of the Rwanda Education Board. 

To do this, you will need to apply for and be awarded an Equivalence Certificate.

How do I apply?

If you are an international student, please note that you can submit your application for equivalence online, but the Equivalence Certificate can only be picked up in person. Therefore, upon approval, we will retrieve your certificate for you.

Good news is that the government has made this process very easy. Follow these three easy steps:

1. Visit the official IREMBO website, where you will see all the information that you would be required to provide. Here are the documents you will have to upload:

  • Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education/Diplome d’Etat or equivalent
  • Academic transcripts from awarding institutions
  • A Letter of verification or a Pin Code for verification (WASSCE students require a pin code and Kenyan and Ugandan students require a letter of verification)
  • A photocopy of your National Identity Card (if EAC Citizen) or Passport (if other)

Submit your application online for a price of RWF 1,000 (approx. $1 USD))

2. Upload proof that you submitted your Equivalence Certificate application on your portal. 

You will receive an email like this from IREMBO once you have submitted your application. You can take a screenshot of this email and upload it on the Equivalence page on your Admitted Student Portal.

3. ALU staff will pick up your Equivalence Certificate on your behalf from the offices in Rwanda.

Please ensure all documents you submit are accurate so you do not have to re-submit your application.

Things to note

All the documents you are required to upload must be original copies. The REB provides sample documents on their portal to give you an idea of what you must upload. Ensure that you make enough time for yourself to request any documents from your previous institutions. 

You are required to bring hard copies of these documents with you to orientation. This equivalency certificate is necessary to attend ALU Rwanda (unless you are exempt for reasons stipulated above).


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