Do I need to apply for a Visa/Entry Permit/Study Permit?

All students who are not residents of Rwanda or Mauritius must do the following in order to enter and remain in the country for the duration of their studies. The visa/study permit application process is different for each campus —

Important: All students who are not residents of Rwanda or Mauritius must have an international passport in order to enter either country.

For students attends ALC Mauritius: 

  • All students who are not residents of Mauritius are required to apply for an Entry Permit/visa regardless of country of origin. This includes SADC/Visa-waiver countries. If you enter Mauritius on a tourist visa, you will not be granted an Entry Permit and will be required to depart the country.

For students attending ALU Rwanda:

  •  All students who are not residents of Rwanda are required to obtain a visa upon arrival to enter the country of Rwanda. Click here to see the requirements for receiving your visa upon arrival. Requirements differ based on the passport you hold so please read carefully! 

Please see What do I need to do to apply for a visa? for information specific to your campus. 








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