When will I hear back about financial aid?

We aim to be as efficient as possible in turning around financial aid decisions. 

There are a few factors that influence the timeliness of your financial aid decisions: 


Have you submitted all the required documents in your financial aid applications?

Please double-check to make sure you submit complete application packets including all required documents. These documents must be clear, legible, and official (including signatures or notarized stamps when applicable).

We will return any incomplete application packets. This will delay our communication of your financial aid decision.


Is the information you provided accurate to the best of your knowledge?

We use the monthly household earnings estimate you provide in the financial calculator to help determine your financial need. We also use the self-reported monthly household earnings estimate in our review of any grant/scholarship applications you submit.

Additionally, we closely evaluate all documents you submit as part of your grant/scholarship applications. 

Please ensure all documents are official, legible, and truly representative of your financial standing. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of your application.

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