How do need-based scholarships work?

The African Leadership University is determined to reduce the barriers that exist between you and your pursuit of higher learning. 

To do so, we are pleased to offer a number of need-based, merit-validated scholarships awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need, academic excellence, advanced leadership potential, and extraordinary impact.

These scholarships can offer anything from partial to full-ride funding.


To apply for an ALU-facilitated scholarship you must:

  • Have a full or conditional offer of admission to ALU Rwanda or ALC Mauritius
  • Currently live and study on the African continent
  • Demonstrate considerable financial need
  • Meet the criteria stipulated in the specific scholarship


Each scholarship has specific qualifications beyond the criteria listed above. We advise you to apply for as many scholarships you qualify/are eligible for, however, you can only receive one scholarship.

Our scholarship application process is rigorous and competitive, yet accessible. We will ask you to submit additional essays, creative pieces showcasing your individuality, and recommendation letters from advocates in your community. There may be additional requirements depending on the scholarship.

The scholarship application sits in your Admitted Student Portal on the last page in the Finances section before “Summary & Decisions.” (Click here for our top tips on submitting a winning scholarship application!)

Note: You will not see this page if you do not meet our financial qualifications to be eligible to apply for the scholarships.

If you are not selected to receive a scholarship, we will still consider you for our other forms of aid.

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