Where is the application form available?

You will be able to start an application by clicking on 'Apply Today' on the top right of our website: Click Here to go on our website.


By clicking on the following link: Click here.

Our application comprises of 2 parts as below:

Part 1: The Leadership Assessment which will help you discover your leadership potential. The assessment is mandatory to complete to assess to the second of the process.

Part 2: The ALU Academic Application Once you have completed the Leadership Assessment and learned a bit more about yourself, you are ready to create an account* on our online application portal. The application consists of 5 sections that you need to fill by making sure to follow the instructions.

Please note that you will be able to complete your application in several sittings. You will also be able to edit your responses as many times as you want before you submit.

We have videos to guide you throughout the application journey.

*It is important that you use a password manager or note down your account name and password somewhere safe so that you don't forget it.

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