Can I choose the organisation and location of my internship?

At ALU, you are in charge of guiding your internship journey.

ALU's Career Development team will work with you to fill out a profile on your internship interests and what skills you hope to develop. The team will then share this profile with our employer partners and will invite you to interview with our employer partners who would be a good match for your interests/skills. Ultimately, it is the employer's decision on who they interview and eventually hire, and we cannot guarantee that you will receive an internship from one of our employer partners. 

The second option is for you to apply for internships outside of our employer network. This offers the most flexibility in letting you choose the exact type of internship you would like to pursue.

The geographic location of your internship will depend on where you are eligible to work as well as your ability to support yourself financially during your internship. Most students do their internship either in their home country or in the country of their ALU campus. These are the two least expensive options, as students must cover their own cost of living during the internship period. Students are welcome and encouraged to apply to internships outside of their home country, but must be ready to bear the visa process and potentially increased cost.

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