What are my job prospects if I go to ALU versus a traditional university?

ALU's mission is to train a generation of leaders who will not just be attractive in the job market but will have the skills to be job creators.

In your first year, our Leadership Core classes will give you real-world skills not typically taught in universities but in high demand from employers. In our Projects class, you will work with our employer partners on actual challenges they are facing. In the past, students have worked on projects from companies such as Nestle, Uber, and One Acre Fund.

Unlike most traditional universities, at ALU we require you to do an internship each year, meaning you'll graduate with one year of work experience. ALU has a large network of employer partners and also assists students to apply for other internships that interest them.

Besides the skills you will gain in class, ALU has a Career Development team focused on providing you with the skills to excel in launching your career. This team begins working with you in your first year and has a detailed set of training on preparing for interviews, writing CVs/cover letters, and professional communication. They also support you while you are on your internship with any questions you may have about how to get the most out of your internship.

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