3.1. Is my tuition refundable?

It is clearly communicated on your admission portal Tuition ection, the Tuition is non-refundable rather it is allocated to tuition invoice after you have been admitted except in the following cases:

  • If a student’s visa is rejected;

Refunds will be made to students who have been denied a student visa, provided the reason for refusal is not due to a fraudulent application. To request a refund, candidates must submit a copy of the visa refusal document to the University.

  • ALU cancels the programme

If the University cancels the programme for which the applicant has accepted an offer, then all fees paid will be refunded.

  • If a student’s irembo equivalency certificate (Rwanda campus only) is rejected by admission.
  • Deferral to later session

If the student has not yet arrived and notifies the University that they wish to defer to the next intake, the deposit may be carried forward for the next two academic intakes. Should the student choose to defer for more than the next two academic intakes, the deposit will be forfeited and treated as a withdrawal. The student will then need to apply again for the later programme and pay a new deposit.


3.2. Should I obtain a refund because I paid more than what was required??

As per our student finance policy, the student is not refunded before they graduate. Any overpayment done will be allocated to the next invoice unless the following events that would qualify for a refund happens:

  • If ALU retracts its offer or is unable to offer the program, the student is entitled to a full refund;
  • Withdrawal or exited from the program; and after the student has graduated and handed the parchment.

If a student is eligible for a refund, an administration fee of $10 will be deducted from the payment for a refund to a local bank account and $40 will be deducted for an international bank account.

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