I have sat for Duolingo English Test, how do I share my results with ALU?


Sending your Duolingo English Test results to ALU

Once you receive your certified test results, you will have to send your results to ALU by following these steps:

  • Log in to englishtest.duolingo.com with the email address you used to take the test.
  • Scroll down to your certified test results and click the "SEND RESULTS" button.
  • Select that you are applying to a university
  • Type the name of the institution you are sending the results to, in our case, type African Leadership University, and select that option using the checkbox.
  • ALU is not using any alternate Application ID, therefore you can skip this part by clicking “next” to reach the final step
  • Click "Send."

For questions, or any other concerns about your account, please contact the Duolingo support team directly. You can live chat with the team in your account at englishtest.duolingo.com, or email englishtest-support@duolingo.com

Duolingo Video demonstration on how to submit results to institutions


Once you have completed the above steps, please download and upload the PDF version of your Duolingo English Test results on the Academic Results page of your ALU Admissions Portal


Disclaimer:  we verify all results through Duolingo and forged documents will be rejected, and may lead to revoking of admission decisions.


For more information especially if you are yet to sit for the test, please go through this Duolingo guide to understand what will be required of you to take the test and the sharing of results.

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