When are deadlines for the undergraduate admissions application?

We several application and admissions decision deadlines. In order to receive an admission decision by one of the dates below you will have to have applied with a complete application by the application deadline for that specific round.

Should you apply after a certain application deadline, your admissions decision will be communicated by the admissions decision deadline of the next round.

Round Application Deadline Admissions Decisions Place Reservation Deadline
1 October 5th 2020 November 2nd 2020 November 30th 2020
2 November 2nd 2020 December 7th 2020 January 11th 2021
3 December 7th 2020 January 18th 2021 February 15th 2021
4 January 18th 2021 February 22nd 2021 March 22nd 2021
5* March 1st 2021 April 5th 2021 May 3rd 2021
6 April 5th 2021 May 10th 2021 June 7th 2021
7 May 10th 2021 June 14th 2021 July 12th 2021

Example: should you need/want an admissions decision by December 7th, it is important that you apply with a complete application by November 2nd to receive your admissions decision by December 7th. Should you apply on November 14th for example, your admissions decision will be communicated on January 18th, in the 3rd application round.

Please keep in mind that after May 10th, ALU will operate a rolling admissions process. This means that admissions decisions have no specific admissions decision deadlines and will be communicated as soon as possible.

Note: The stated admissions decision deadlines are the latest by which you can expect an admissions decision. In other words, you might receive a decision earlier.


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