Can I work on campus at ALC Mauritius to help pay my fees?

ALC Mauritius offers a limited range of study internships on campus.While a study internship would be an opportunity for you to make some income, any earnings would only have a limited impact on your tuition fees and may be more appropriately treated as pocket money for incidental costs. The main purpose of a study internship is to give our students an opportunity to develop their professional skills.

Besides on-campus jobs, Mauritius allows international students to apply for any job in the country (with the exception of work in the field of security), with no limits to the stipend, wage or salary that you are entitled to as an international student employee.

International students, however, are only allowed to work up to 20 hours each week, as required by Mauritius labour regulations.

For the vast majority of students, a part-time job (whether on-campus or off-campus) will not earn enough to have a significant impact on your tuition fees, but can provide a supplemental source of income for basic living expenses. Also, please note that on-campus jobs are not guaranteed.

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