Why are medical tests required for me to study at ALC Mauritius?

Once you are in Mauritius, you are required to do a series of medical checks to ensure that the you are not suffering from any contagious diseases specifically, HIV, Hepatitis B or a chest infection.

If the medical certificate proves that you are infected with a contagious disease, your provisional entry permit will be cancelled and you will be required to leave Mauritius within two weeks.
If the medical certificate is clear, you will be issued with a permanent student visa which will be valid for the full period of study with ALC. At the beginning of each subsequent academic year, ALC will submit documentary evidence to the PIO to confirm that you are pursuing your studies under the same program.

To avoid being denied your stay in Mauritius we require you to conduct the above mentioned medical checks prior to your arrival in Mauritius. The Mauritius authorities will still require you to re-take these tests when you arrive, however, in order to avoid unnecessary surprises we require that you take the tests in your home country as well.

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